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The publication of negative results can prevent duplication of research effort. 

Negative Results : un nouveau journal entièrement dédié aux études négatives.”
Medscape August 2016
“Des résultats négatifs aux tests cliniques, c’est aussi du positif.”
Science & Santé June 2016
“Negative findings are a valuable component of the scientific literature because they force us to critically evaluate and validate our current thinking, and fundamentally move us towards unabridged science.”
Dis Model Mech February 2014
“The view that negative results are not worthless and make an important contribution to scientific knowledge is gaining momentum amongst researchers.”
BitesizeBio August 2013
“Negative data are statistically more trustworthy than positive data.”
The Economist October 2013
“Negative findings are still a low priority for publication, so we need to find ways to make publishing them more attractive.”
Nature March 2011

Negative results, which are an important building block for science, are commonly banned from publication. However, there is an abundance of negative results with positive outcome that deserve to be published for new hypothesis to rise


Scientists choose not to proceed with their negative findings that yield less scientific interest and fewer impacts. Consequently, the amount of non-significant data reported is progressively declining. Only by reshaping the scientific culture will negative results be revered for their true value


Negative findings are still a low priority for publication, so we need to find ways to make publishing them more attractive. Negative Results is a rigorously peer-reviewed edited, open access journal publishing negative findings of the highest quality with dubious or paradigm-shifting impact

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